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Construction Process: Details and Stages

In this blog, we will consider each stage of construction in detail and explain its progress.
We will list the construction stages from start to end such as project development, obtaining permits, foundation work, structure work, interior and exterior work, and finishing.

Project Development

Construction starts from the project development. Project development and design compose the first stage.
Architects, engineers, and other specialists develop plans for implementing the project. At this stage, the project goals, deadlines, and budget are determined.

Land preparation and foundation works

One of the main stages of construction is the preparation and laying of the foundation. Proper laying of the floor is important to create a foundation that ensures the strength of the structure. At this stage, the soil is examined, suitable foundation types are determined, and necessary earthworks are carried out. Then the foundation is laid using basic materials.

Structural studies

Structural work is being done to continue the construction. Walls, columns, floors are built using reinforced concrete and steel constructions. At these stages, it is important to choose the right materials to ensure the load-bearing properties of the structures. Correct construction methods and quality workmanship ensure the strength and durability of structures.

Electrical Work and Plumbing

Electrical work and plumbing play a major role in construction. This process involves creating the infrastructure for wiring, lighting, electrical panels, and other electrical appliances. At this stage, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems are also installed, which ensures a comfortable design and energy efficiency.

Interior Construction Work

The phase of interior construction work includes the interior finishing of the structures. At this stage, operations such as painting walls, finishing the interior surface, laying floors, and arranging decorative elements are performed. Thereat, part of the interior work also includes the segmentation and layout of furniture and other elements.